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Launceston’s leading youth organisation partnering Police and community to inspire, empower and engage young people to recognise and reach their potential.


  • We offer diverse activities and programmes to activate young people and reduce young people’s engagement with the justice system.
  • We work with young people, community groups and education to develop passion, skills and connections whilst creating a culture of success and empowerment.
  • We embrace diversity and engage with all sectors of our community to make positive and productive contribution to society.


  • Generate and develop an effective, sustainable and financially viable organisation.
  • Foster a loyal, professional and dedicated team of employees and volunteers.
  • Develop young people through inclusive and diverse programmes.
  • Provide safe, secure and fit-for-purpose facilities and evolve to meet changing needs.
  • Foster new and existing partnerships to ensure reach, effectiveness and sustainability.

 Our Values

  • Integrity – we value doing the right thing, in an honest, fair, and responsible way.
  • Respect – we respect individual human rights and privacy, eliminate all kinds and forms of discrimination, and ensure a safe and healthy environment.
  • Innovation – we strive to introduce new ideas and encourage employees to be dynamic.
  • Drive – we have a thirst to constantly improve and celebrate success.
  • Nurturing – we understand the vulnerability of youth and strive to create a safe, caring environment with appropriately qualified staff and exemplary role models.
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