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The MAC Trailer program serves as an essential 'outreach arm' of PCYC operations, extending recreational opportunities to some of our most disadvantaged communities where financial constraints and limited access may impede participation. We leverage local open spaces and indoor facilities to empower residents in areas such as Rocherlea, Mayfield, Ravenswood, Waverley, and George Town, consistently providing them with the chance to engage in recreation and acquire new skills, often with minimal or no equipment.

The remarkable attendance speaks volumes about how the community values the MAC Program, expertly overseen by former police officer Mark Brown. The program is structured into three components:

  1. MAC Activities (Trailer Equipment): The MAC Trailer is equipped with a diverse range of activity gear, including mobile basketball stands, soccer and football equipment, cricket gear, ball scoops, frisbees, stilts, mini volleyball sets, skipping ropes, soccer nets, bean bags, totem tennis, and more.
  2. ‘MAC Attack’ (Specific Activities and Games): While requiring minimal equipment, 'MAC Attack' comprises a blend of ice-breaker activities, mind and body exercises, and team-based games. Participants collaborate in groups, fostering teamwork. Some 'MAC Attack' games and activities are adaptable and seamlessly integrated with MAC Activities and Taiko Drumming.
  3. Taiko Drumming (Japanese Percussion): This dynamic form of percussion enjoys popularity in numerous schools in and around Launceston. PCYC boasts its own performance ensemble, 'Taiko Oni Jima' (Taiko Demon Island). Taiko Drumming not only enhances focus and cooperation within the session environment but also injects a physical and incredibly enjoyable element into the experience.

In summary, the MAC Program goes beyond mere recreation; it is a catalyst for community engagement, skill development, and collaborative spirit, making a tangible impact in the lives of those who benefit from its diverse offerings.

For more information or to book a program, please email mac@pcyclaunceston.org.au