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Tumbling is a fast-pace acrobatic sport that combines gymnastics and trampolining skills down a 25 meter air floor. Introductory classes for boys and girls aged 5 and over develop strength, agility, coordination, flexibility and motor skills while having fun and making new friends.

Your child will learn how to flip, somersault, tuck, handstand and hand springs, all without the use of props or equipment.

Intermediate Tumbling

Intermediate Tumbling is for students who have successfully completed beginner Tumbling and can perform basic round-offs, round-off back handsprings, front and back handsprings, front and back walkovers, and other entry level tumbling skills.
This class builds previous skill developing round-off back handspring series passes, round-off back handspring, back tucks, punch fronts, round-off tucks, and many more challenging moves.

Advanced Tumbling

Athletes in this class are moving into the higher competitive levels including round-off back handspring layouts, full twisting layouts, standing tucks, front tumbling skills, creative new tumbling passes, and much more.

All classes work through Gymnastics Australia National Levels Programme.

What to wear

Easy stretch clothing with no zips or buckles and socks. Long hair tied back.

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