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Personal Training

PCYC Launceston is now offering an exciting new opportunity to reach your fitness goals! Personal Training sessions can help you receive support and encouragement needed to reach your physical fitness goals, at your own pace. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or just keeping fit, PCYC have got you covered. We have personal trainers that will tailer your program and design your very own specific program.

Personal training has a number of benefits that don’t just mean that you get one on one time with a professional but also reduce the risk of injury, faster and better results, proper fat loss/muscle gain. They also establish a program that will suit you for a lifetime, overcoming challenges that may seem impassable.

PT’s help you make realistic and specific goals, and not only aid with physical fitness, but also motivate you and help keep a healthy mind space. Our tailored programs and personal trainers are available for people from 14 years old.

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