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School Holiday Programme

Jan 4th 2022 - Feb 4th 2022

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All patrons are reminded that everyone aged 12 years and over must wear a mask.



Gymnastics (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Kinder Gym (1-5 years) 45 min - $10

Tumbling (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Futsal (8+ years) – 1 hour - $10

Trampolining (5+ years) 1 hour - $10



3D City with Godot  (10+) 2 hours - $20
In this code-free session we will be starting with a discussion about 3D assets and how they are used in and rendered within a game engine, before delving in and designing your own low-poly 3D city scene. We will finish off by tweaking the scene lighting and taking some screenshots.

3D Voxel Modelling (10+ years) 2 hours - $20
What is a voxel you might ask? As a 2D image is made up of little squares called pixels, Voxels are the 3D equivalent. They are volumetric pixels, but we call them voxels. If you have played Minecraft, then you might have noticed that the world there is made up of voxel. In this session we will be delving into making out own voxel models using the free MagicaVoxel software. We will cover the basics of voxel modelling and the application's interface before making some photorealistic renders of your creations.

Micro:bits (10+ years) 2 hours - $20
In this session we will be using the micro:bit hardware and block based mBlock programming environment to create a "catch the ball" mini console game. Utilising the 5x5 LED display of the micro:bit and built-in buttons, we will build the game from the ground up, starting with moving the paddle and then the ball before tweaking the game to make it more challenging.

Games and Just for Fun

Rock Climbing (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Archery Tag (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

Dodgeball (8+ years) – 1 hour - $10

Basketball (8+ years) - 1 hour - $10

Rhythmic Gymnastics (5+ years) $10

Art & Craft Workshops

Comic Art (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Create your very own comic character to inspire your next comic story.

Still life (10+ years) 2 hours - $20

Learn shading, colour, light and composition in this practical and inspiring still life workshop.

Collage (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Do you have a story or opinion to tell?  Learn how new compositions can tell your story a new way.

Anime Art (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Mo will guide you through this fascinating
artform to create your own Anime masterpieces.

Paracord Bracelet (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Join this fun and creative workshop for all people, to create a paracord survival bracelet.

Tie-Dye Flags (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

You’ve heard of tie-dyed t-shirts, well now make a unique garden flag to brighten up your house.

DIY Tote Bag (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Bring an old t-shirt and learn about upcycling to create this unique and practical tote bag.

Bead Lizards (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Make these super cute lizards to tie on your school bag, key ring or pencil case.


Engineering (STEM) Workshops

Big Wheel (8+ years) 2 hour - $20

Explore the engineering behind a Ferris Wheel, and construct a working wheel model.

Robot Arm (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Explore the design and construction requirements of making a working robot arm.

Copper Plating (10+ years) 2 hours - $20

Explore chemical engineering, and learn how to copper plate a range of everyday items.

Electric Motors (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Learn about AC and DC motors, discovery of static electricity, lightning and magnets and how these are used in modern science.

Electronic Communication (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Have you heard about Morse Code?  In this workshop, you will construct a simple telegraph machine using battery, wires, a switch and bulb and maybe pick up some Morse Code along the way.

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