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School Holiday Programme

September 27th - October 8th

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Gymnastics (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Kinder Gym (1-5 years) 45 min - $10

Tumbling (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Trampolining (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Basketball (8+ years) - 1 hour - $10

Hockey (8+ years) – 1 hour - $10

Rhythmic Gymnastics – (5+ years) – 1 hour - $10



Game Design (10+) 2 hours - $20
In this code free session we will be using the Godot editor to place some pre authored sprite assets to create a beautiful forest scene. Using the power of the scene hierarchy we will compose the forest scene using multiple layers and sublayers to control what goes in the back and foreground. We will then place and manipulate a camera node to capture your creation in all its glory. Please bring along a USB stick if you would like to keep a copy of your snaps.

MBots (10+ years) 2 hours - $20
In this session we will be using the Scratch based mBlock software to program an autonomous roving mBot. The mBot will express itself using lights and sounds and organising our blocks into separate states to easily improve on the mBots roving behaviour utilising it’s built in ultrasonic sensors to help it navigate around obstacles.

Games and Just for Fun

Rock Climbing (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Archery Tag (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

Warrior Wace (8+ years) – 1 hour - $10

Dodgeball (8+ years) – 1 hour - $10



Anime Art (8+ years) 2 hours - $20
Mimi will guide you through this fascinating artform to create your own masterpiece.

FlutterBys (8+ years) 1 hour - $10
Butterflies are amazing to watch in the wild, but have you ever tried to make your own wind-up creation? Make several and place in a gift card ready to fly for that someone special.

Learn Guitar (8+ years) 2 hours - $20
Join Hari for intro lessons and a workshop to get your fingers moving and all the basics to kick start your love of music. BYO Guitar

Rocket Blast (8+ years) – 2 hours $20
Using everyday household items, create your very own rocket and learn about using compressed air as a propulsion method.

Clay Animation (10+ years) 2 hours - $20
Have you ever wanted to create your very own Wallace and Gromet style animation? Using Stop-Motion clay animation, you’ll do just that.

Photography (10+ years) 2 hours - $20
Join Mimi on a discover journey through the world of digital photography, learning about lighting, framing and composition. BYO Device

Sky Balls (8+ years) 2 hours - $20
Create a whole suite of colourful balls and parachutes then create a launching device. How high, how far, and how many can you fly at once?

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