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School Holiday Programme 2021

January 4th - 31st

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Get Active

Gymnastics (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Learn new skills or hone existing ones including handstands, cartwheels, and balance.

Kinder Gym (1-5 years) 45 min - $10

Kinder Gym provides a fantastic opportunity for children and parents to play and learn together.

Tumbling (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

A fast-paced acrobatic sport combining gymnastics and trampolining skills down a 25-meter air floor.

Trampolining (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Learn how to twist, flip, and fly whilst also learning aerial awareness and trampoline safety.

Rock Climbing (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Come and challenge yourself on our 8m high climbing wall. We encourage parents help belay.

Skateboarding Clinic (8+ years) 2 hours - $20

Join Brendon Hill for a crazy two-hour clinic learning all the skills, tricks, and tips for amazing skateboarding. BYO equipment.

Archery Tag (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

What happens when you combine Archery and Dodgeball? ARCHERY TAG! With just a foam-tipped arrow and one of our bows and mask, you can immerse yourself in an epic battle.

Zorb Balls (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

Fancy being in an inflatable bubble ball for total mayhem to keep you laughing these holidays.

Walking Soccer (12+ years) - $5

Have you ever tried playing indoor soccer without running? Join our regular walking soccer groups for a bit of fun! Adults welcome.

Dodgeball (8+ years) – 1 hour - $5

Just for a bit of fun and activity, join us for a game of dodgeball and battle it out against mates.


Anime Art (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

Mimi will guide you through this fascinating artform to create your own masterpiece.

Tee-Printing (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

Create your own artwork and then print it on to a tshirt. BYO white t-shrit.

Pastel Art (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

Using oil or soft pastels, let Mimi guide you through the best way to use the fantastic medium.



DIY Jewellery (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

Using elastic, beads and safety pins we’ll be making rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Mini Mosaic Birdbath (8+ years) 1 hour - $20

Make your very own gorgeous creation using a small terracotta pot, glass beads and lots of creativity.

Macrame Owl (8+ years) 1 ½ hour - $20

Learn this beautiful craft and make your own Macrame Owl wall hanging.


Mini Cross bow (10+ years) 1 hour - $10

Learn some basic engineering and build a mini cross bow that shoots toothpicks.

Colour-changing Slime (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

We’ve all played with slime, but what about making some colour-changing goop?

Dragsters (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

Learn how to make a rubber band wind up dragster and race against each other!


Micro:bit (10+ years) 2 hours - $20

The micro:bit is a small board crammed with a fully functional microprocessor. After an overview of the individual components we will delve into some programming with it.

Caesar Cipher (10+ years) 2 hours - $20

The Ceaser Cipher was one of the first codes used in the world and provides an excellent example of cryptographic concepts such as clear text, keys, encoding and brute force attacks. Learn more about the arms race between code makers and code breakers with your own Caesar Cipher utility using Python. Will you be able to crack Ceaser’s Cipher?

Langton’s Ant (10+ years) 2 hours - $20

Delve into the mysterious computing world of Cellular Automata where a set of simple rules can lead to surprising complex patterns and outcomes. We will be building an interactive program using the processing framework and object oriented Java programming.

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