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July 2022 School Holiday Programme

July 11th 2022 - July 22nd 2022

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Gymnastics (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Trampolining (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Tumbling (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Kinder Gym (1-5 years) 45 min - $10

Rhythmic Gymnastics (5+ years) 1 hour - $10


Games & Just for Fun

Rock Climbing (5+ years) 1 hour - $10

Archery Tag (8+ years) 1 hour - $10

Dodgeball (8+ years) 1 hour - $10


Art & Craft Workshops

Anime Art (8+ years) 2 hours - $20
Mo will guide you through this fascinating
artform to create your own Anime masterpieces.

Scrapbooking (8+ years) 2 hours - $20
Do you have a story or opinion to tell? Learn how new compositions can tell your story a new way using a collage or scrapbook.

Origami (8+ years) 2 hours - $20
Learn how to make objects and animals using the traditional paper folding art of origami.

Craft Bows (8+ years) 2 hours - $20
Make a simple bow and arrow using various household items in this craft workshop.


Programming a mini-console game with micro:bits (10+ years) 2 hours - $20
In this session we will be using the micro:bit hardware and block based mBlock programming environment to create a “catch the ball” mini console game. Utilising the 5x5 LED display of the micro:bit and built-in buttons, we’ll build this game from the ground up, starting with moving the paddle and then the ball before tweaking the game to make it more challenging.

Coding Fractal Art (10+ years) 2 hours - $20
Making art with code! In this lesson we’ll explore the basics of the modern, functional style of programming through the creation of fractal artwork.
We’ll cover the concepts like recursion, higher order functions, and lambdas, and cover what’s needed to get started with programming at home.


Engineering (STEM) Workshops

DC Motors (8+ years) 2 hours - $20
Learn about DC motors, discovery of static electricity, lightning and magnets and how these are used in modern science. Participants will make their own simple DC motor using household items, magnets, wire, and a battery.

Electric Generators (8+ years) 2 hour - $20
This lesson focuses on how kinetic energy is converted to electric energy with the use of generators. Participants will make a crank based electric generator of their own to create an electric current.

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