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Dad & Me

dad & me is a group specifically aimed at connecting young dads, developing confidence and skills in parenting, and supporting the development of lifelong friendships.

We want to change the conversation about fathers and about role sharing.  We help you understand what your child’s mum is going through and also help you understand the changes and challenges you are experiencing.  We show you how little changes to how you interact with your child can have lifelong impact.  We help you understand just how important the early years are and how to be the very best dad you can.

Each week young dads get the opportunity to engage in a specific activity such as Archery Tag, Rock Climbing, Weights Lifting, or even Cooking.  We talk about parenting, social and child connections, and the importance of fathers and fathering.  You get to develop new friendship with other dads like you and, all while developing parenting confidence.

Then we encourage children to attend for the last half hour with mums also welcome.  Our young dads then get to have fun alongside their child with activities like KinderGym, finger painting, parent/child Yoga, sensory play, music making or perhaps a picnic outside in the park.

At dad & me you will have fun, make friends, developing skills and confidence and spend some quality time with your child.

dad & me is open to all young dads in the greater Launceston area.

Thursday 12-1.30pm

Cost: FREE

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