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PCYC Connect – Youth Club Drop-In

Connect is a weekly programme designed to challenge young people aged 12 – 18 years. Each week provides opportunities to challenge your mind and body. Each week Connect will run team-based activities such as Archery Tag, Indoor Rock Climbing, Indoor Hockey, Orienteering and Survival Skills. Most of the time, we will be indoors on the Basketball Court, but on occasions, we will go outside abseiling, orienteering, and hiking.

Through participation in the weekly challenges, participants will explore trust, respect and empathy whilst making connections with like-minded people. Connect is about just that…connecting with self and others in a safe, supportive environment.

What makes you, you?
Do you control your future?
How do other people influence you?
Do you see yourself as others see you?

Your life, your choices!

No booking required. Join us when you can!  Fridays during school term; 4pm – 6pm – $5 each

Connect today!

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