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Singing Group

Singing is a wonderful way to connect with self, relieve stress, make friends and increase the joy in your life.  That’s why Launceston PCYC has started a Singing Group.

Encouraging all people from ages 12 and up to teens, adults and seniors, the PCYC singing group is a wonderful way to learn new music whilst creating new friends.

Singing is also a great way to give your lungs a workout, release endorphins, tone your abdominal and intercostal muscles as well as stimulating your circulation.  Who would have thought a workout could be so beautiful to listen to.

The wonderful Andrea Badcock has a wealth of experience leading community choirs and under her direction you will be led through a variety of genres including Gospel, Funk, Soul and perhaps a little Reggae.

Regardless of your singing background, you are welcome to join us and just have some fun.  No audition is required, and music will be based to best suit those in the group.

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy music with your whole family, a cross generational experience that simply creates beautiful memories.  But don’t worry if you’re coming on your own.  PCYC is a very friendly places that welcomes everyone, so you’ll be sure to make new friends quickly.

Ages 12+ year, teens, adults and senior welcome.

Not currently running due to numbers

Cost: $FREE

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